How to Dab Without a Torch

Aug 30th 2021

How to Dab Without a Torch

You’ve got that gooey gold concentrate calling your name but no torch. Now what? Make sure you know how to dab without a torch.

Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop tips for dabbing without a torch

It can be safely estimated that all smokers have been in the precarious position of having a fat pre-roll ready to smoke or a nice fat bong rip patiently waiting for you as you search high and low for a lighter but to no avail. There are ways around this but what about dabbing without a torch?

Do You Need a Torch to dab?

If you’re into vaping hemp concentrates from a dab rig, then you have to make sure that you have a high temperature butane torch. Not just any lighter will heat the banger or nail you’re using to the right temperature. But what happens when you run out of butane or one of your friends pocketed your torch at the last smoke sesh? Don’t worry!

Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop has no torch dabbing tips

Luckily you don’t even need a torch to dab. They can be complicated and finding a torch that lasts isn’t easy. Butane torches can be a major turn off for some people who just want to get stoned but don’t want to spend the time or energy on vaping from a dab rig. Good thing is, tried and true methods of dabbing without a torch are available.

You don’t have to be MacGuyver to figure out a way to Dab Without a Torch. In fact you probably already have anything you might need in your stash box right now. Lighter? Check. Rolling papers or a glass pipe? Check.

Ye Olde Vape Cart

Don’t throw away your empty vape cartridges. If the mouth piece comes off, then you can reuse it by filling it back up with a distillate of your choice.

Distillates usually come in a syringe-looking device and the tip can fit alongside the glass and metal tubing that arises from within the vape cart. Make it easier to get CBD concentrates out of a syringe by gently heating it under warm water or just rubbing it between your palms for a moment as if you were starting a fire.


Another alternative to using a butane torch is vaping with an e-nail. An e-nail is a button or dial controlled, temperature-regulating smoking apparatus that works like a dab rig without a torch by heating the nail using an electronic heat-delivery system.

Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop suggests using an e nail if you don't have a torch

Using an e-nail is just like dabbing with a torch but better since you can control the settings yourself. This makes for a much more consistent smoking experience.


These handy little doodads called Healthstones will allow you to do dabs without a torch, too. Designed in 2010 out in Stoner-Haven, California, they are neither stones nor necessarily healthier for you than other dabbing methods, although the inert sintered substance they are made of releases no chemicals when heated like a steel nail would.

Quartz bangers or titanium nails don’t either though. The perk to these healthstones is that they have low heat retention and a big torch isn’t needed. In fact the design is so that you can dab like you’re smoking a bowl if you have one of the healthstones and the proper glass bowl to accommodate it.

A small cigar lighter is a good choice for a healthstone, but a hemp wick or regular Bic lighter will do since after the CBD concentrate melts into the porous “stone” (it looks more like a small brick of charcoal or dish scrubber) you can simply puff away, taking small sips of dabs at your own pace.

Put That in Your Pipe and Smoke It

No stone, nail or vape cart? No worries! If you have a glass bowl or pipe to smoke from, you can dab CBD concentrates from that, too. And no torch required. A regular old lighter will melt the hemp concentrate over your dry herb and magnify the effect of whatever you’ve got in there.

Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop suggests loading your concentrate on a bowl of flower if you don't have a torch

Just make sure you are not combusting your CBD concentrate with direct flame. Pack a small amount of dried hemp flower into your bowl, add your CBD concentrate and then bury it with more dried smokables. Only gently light the flower to allow a slow burn of the hemp concentrate beneath.

You can also roll up a small amount of CBD concentrate into a paper with some dried hemp flower and smoke it as if you were smoking normally. You can even drop some “crumble” into a pre-rolled cone as you pack it.

DIY Dab Rig

Okay, so this method is totally a little shady but when in doubt you have to make do. Just a disclaimer, this is probably not safe either, so only do this at your discretion and under the supervision of a friend who is smarter than trying this themselves.

If you put the CBD concentrate on a spoon and get it super hot, you can inhale the vapor from that. Using a wide-mouth straw helps you get closer to the heat source more safely. Essentially, this works like the world's worst nectar collector.

Or make your own “pipe” out of tin foil which you should always have some around for emergencies of this type. But if you are better prepared with a small torch and a little dab rig you won’t ever have to worry about that! get all your dabbing supplies at Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop.