How to Pack a Bowl

Dec 9th 2021

How to Pack a Bowl

It may seem like something simple for the experienced puffer, but for those who are new to this, learning how to pack a bowl can seem daunting but it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Smoking out of a pipe is probably the oldest method of smoking. Ancient cultures around the world have left behind all sorts of clay pipes, water pipes and other evidence of smoking for medicinal reasons and for pleasure.

We all have to start somewhere. There was even a time when Snoop Dogg picked up a nice glass pipe for the first time and learned how to pack a Bowl that would lead to thousands more.

What Are the Different Ways to Smoke?

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The easiest way to smoke is to just pack a bowl and fire it up. There’s no fumbling with rolling a joint or stuffing pre-rolled cones. No worrying about how a chillum works or wondering, “what is a chillum?” You can simply pack and puff with a nice smoking pipe.

Besides packing a bowl, you can choose to roll a joint or use a prerolled cone. Some people enjoy blunt wraps or natural hemp wraps. There are one hitters, chillums, silicone pipes, glass pipes to choose from. You can smoke from a bubbler or bong as it’s also called. These devices use a water filtration method to cool and clean the smoke before hitting your lungs. You name it, it’s out there.

Pack a Bowl or Roll a Joint?

Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop asks if you should roll a joint or pack a bowl

It can take some practice to learn how to roll a joint but packing a bowl is really pretty simple. If you have at least the pipe, your fingers and a lighter you can get the job done. Rolling a joint requires a little more dexterity and you’ll need to buy rolling papers when you run out.

If you smoke from a pipe, you only have to replace it if it breaks. And if the break isn’t that bad, you might even be able to fix a broken glass pipe. There are some pros and cons to every smoking method, so it is really just up to you what you’re most comfortable with.

What Kind of Pipe Should You Get?

Depending on how you’ll use a pipe for smoking and where you’ll be taking it, there are a few things to consider. If you plan on staying home to smoke, you don’t have to worry about getting a pipe you can take anywhere so size, durability and complexity is up to your environment.

If you want a small glass pipe, they make those. If you want something you can take camping and it won’t break, try a silicone bong or small plastic water pipe. They come in all shapes and sizes, different colors and range from simple to use or more complex with honeycomb filtration systems and carbs.

What Do You Need to Pack a Bowl?

Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop explains what is needed to pack a bowl

You don’t need much. Minimally, you’re going to need the product you want to smoke, the pipe and a lighter. Some people like to have a smoking routine, and make packing a bowl a type of self-care ritual. However you approach it, here are a few items you need to smoke a bowl:

●Stash Box


●Rolling Tray


●Pipe or Bong


●Smoke Buddy

Steps to Pack a Bowl:

●Step One: Gather Your Supplies

Make sure you have everything you need before you get started. Stash boxes are awesome because you can keep all your smoking gear in one place, then tuck it all discretely away when you’re done.

Before you pack your bowl, you might want to get prepared with a killer playlist or have some trippy videos queued up to make it even better. If you are worried about the smell, make sure to have a Smoke Buddy on hand, or make your own with a few dryer sheets and an empty toilet paper roll.

●Step Two: Grind It Up

Over the rolling tray, take a few small pieces of dried hemp flower and fit them into the grinder and close it up. Twist the grinder a couple times back and forth until the friction loosens and you can more easily rotate the two pieces.

The result should be a fluffy, but crumbly bit of product that will burn smoothly and slowly. Too large of chunks and you won’t get the air flow you need. Too fine and it will burn up too quickly. After a couple of passes you’ll get the hang of it.

●Step Three: Pack It

Take the ground up hemp flower and put a pinch into the bowl. Start with a small amount at first, and pack a little loosely to allow for airflow. Then add a bit more to fill the chamber and press gently with your finger to make it snug. Don’t compress it too firmly or it won’t hit properly.

●Step Four: Smoke It

Now for the best part! With a freshly packed bowl, you’re now ready to smoke. Put the bowl to your lips, and light the ground flower as you inhale. Remove the flame once the product ignites. Continue to inhale as much as you are comfortable and hold the smoke for a few moments before exhaling.

●Step Five: Enjoy!

You should feel the effects almost immediately from whatever you are smoking since it doesn’t get metabolized by the body like when it is consumed through edibles like gummies or with tinctures. Start slow if you haven't done this before and see how you react first since each product can be different for everyone.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy! Pack a Bowl.

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Packing a bowl is not hard, but if you’ve ever done it it’s understandable that you might feel some trepidation around it. But have no fear! There are tons of online tutorials that will show you how to pack a bowl or how to roll a joint. The industry is growing like weeds and more and more information is available so you can learn all there is to know before diving in.  Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop has a wide selection of glass bowls!