Learn Why Your Glass Chillum is Your New BF

Aug 26th 2021

Learn Why Your Glass Chillum is Your New BF

Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop explains why a glass or silicone chillum is your best friend

You can rely on them at any time of the day or night. They are there for you in good times and in bad. They helped you achieve your goals and comforted you in your losses. They make you laugh and dry your tears.

Yes, we love our best friends who make life easier and more enjoyable. What would we do without them? For those who smoke, glass chillums are the BF you can take anywhere. And they won’t ever spill your secrets or steal your lighter.

What is a Chillum?

Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop answers the question - What is a chillum

A chillum is a small handheld, tube-like smoking apparatus that packs one heck of a hit, typically made of borosilicate glass. They are small enough to conceal in the palm of your hand or to keep in your front pocket without anyone asking if you’re happy to see them or suspecting you have a bowl pack in your pocket.

The chamber end holds a really big hit or a couple little ones, so they’re perfect for sneaking away to enjoy yourself with your BF for a hot minute without anyone noticing. And because chillums are so small and discrete you can take your BF with you anywhere.

Carry a small Smoke Buddy with you to blow the smoke through and keep the air smelling fresh; this way no one will ever think your red eyes are from something other than allergies. You can probably even get away with smoking in a bathroom with a chillum if you turn the exhaust fan on.

Why Should You Get a Chillum?

Every toker who partakes should get a good glass chillum to keep on them at all times. If you could take your best friend with you everywhere, wouldn’t you? There’s no reason to not have one but tons of reasons you should. Here’s a few:

●Glass Chillums are Small and Portable

●It’s Easy to Clean a Chillum

●Chillums are Inexpensive

●Learning to Use a Chillum Is Easy

●Chillums Make Great Gifts for Smokers

●Social Distance with Chillums

●You Can Buy Chillums Online

●Share a Bowl Without Sharing Germs

The list keeps going for reasons to get a glass chillum, but those are a great start. Especially as the Covid-19 pandemic winds down, we want to remain cautious and glass chillums are a perfect option for passing the pipe without passing-on any germs.

How Do You Use a Chillum?

Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop explains how to use a chillum

So you got a chillum but How Is It Used? It looks a little awkward to smoke from but it’s actually pretty easy once you learn to hold a chillum the right way. You don’t hit it like a regular glass pipe. You grip it in the middle between two fingers, form a fist, and inhale through the opening your thumb creates when clenched. Here are the steps to smoke from a chillum:

Step One: Pack your chillum with ground plant matter using a grinder for the best consistency. Use a rolling tray so you don’t waste product if you can, but if you are trying to be quick and load a bowl unnoticed, just stick a few pieces of your favorite herbal medicine in there as best you can.

Step Two: Grip the chillum between your forefinger and middle finger, with the chamber end sticking up out at the back of your hand.

Step Three: Form a loosely clenched fist around the chillum, leaving an opening near your thumb. Make sure you grip the chillum with your fingers tight enough to limit air that sneaks around the chillum and adjust accordingly.

Step Four: Put your mouth against your hand at the opening of your fist and thumb to inhale as you light the bowl end.

That’s how to smoke out of a chillum! Very easy and effective. Since they can be somewhat awkward to hold, find one that fits your hand comfortably. You may want a large chillum if you have big hands to make it easier to grip.

How Do You Clean a Chillum?

You can easily clean a glass chillum by poking out any resin with a pipe cleaner or toothpick even. Blowing through it really hard at the end of each use is often enough to dislodge any debris. If it gets really gunked up, just soak it in rubbing alcohol overnight and use a Q-Tip for the tough spots.

Where Can You Buy a Chillum?

You can buy a glass or silicone chillum at Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop

You can buy a glass chillum at almost any reputable head shop or online smoke shop, as well as Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop. Good online smoke shops will have a big selection of various size and color chillums. They’ll also have good online customer reviews and offer fast, discreet shipping. The ones you find in gas stations might not be the best quality so keep that in mind as you shop around for the chillum of your dreams.