What Is a Nectar Collector?

Nov 9th 2021

What Is a Nectar Collector?

Do you want to take your dabbing experience to the next level? Or are you new to dabbing and dab rigs? Either way, you must learn what a nectar collector is and see why this type of dab rig is the next big thing. In this article, we present its mechanism, why you should use it, and how to use a nectar collector. If you want to buy a nectar collector but are not yet sure how you can take advantage of it, then keep scrolling!

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Nectar Collector: What It Is and How It Works

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The nectar collector is a type of portable dab rig known for its simple, vertical design. Like drinking from a straw, a  nectar collector has the same shape and function allowing you to consume a substance. Particularly, nectar collectors are used to smoke waxes and oils.

A typical nectar collector consists of a neck, body, and tip. There are glass dab rigs and silicone dab rigs, and nectar collectors also have glass and silicone as their most common materials. The neck of the nectar collector is the mouthpiece, which is where you’ll inhale the smoke. For easy cleaning, the mouthpiece is removable, which is one advantage of using a nectar collector. Given this feature, it is more compact and suitable for traveling.

Falling between the neck and the tip, the body is like the water chamber in a dab rig or bong. However, some nectar collectors don’t use water and are available in dry versions. They contain straight or bubbled bodies with no chamber for water. When you use a wet type of nectar collector with a body chamber, fill the water after detaching the neck to ensure the water is not trapped in the joint.

Pouring some water into the body also eliminates the harshness of the vapor before reaching the throat and lungs. The tips of a nectar collector are usually made with titanium, ceramic, or quartz. These are where the action takes place.

Benefits of a Nectar Collector

Compared to typical dab rigs, nectar collectors offer multiple benefits. They give you an easier and smoother dabbing experience. With a simple and unique way to vaporize concentrates, there is no wonder that nectar collectors are gaining more attention in the dabbing world. In other words, nectar collectors are convenient, portable and easy to use and clean, and they prevent waste.

Nectar collectors are significantly smaller than conventional dab rigs. These regular dab rigs don’t normally fit into your bag or suitcase, making them hard to carry around, especially when traveling or going on a road trip. Meanwhile, nectar collectors can fit into your purse or bag. They’re usually seven inches long, making them perfect for traveling.

Another advantage of using a nectar collector is that it’s self-contained. You won’t need other tools to make it work. It lets you dab directly out of the container without having to use any other dab tool. As they have a neck, body, and tip, you can also clean them easily with some running water.

The nectar collector also helps you save some wax. When using a dab rig, you can expect the wax to get stuck inside the dab jar. However, a nectar collector allows you to track the amount of concentrate you’re smoking, helping you prevent wasting wax. Also, the price of normal nectar collectors is comparable to glass bongs, so you should see its benefits for yourself.

How to Properly Use a Nectar Collector

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If you already know how to use a dab rig, then using a nectar collector should be easier. Start by heating the tip with a dab torch until you see it’s red hot. If you like low-temperature dabs, you can let the tip cool down for around 7 to 10 seconds before using it.

Then keep the wax or oil on a heat-resistant surface. It should endure the high temperature. Glass and silicone are the most common and credible options. Afterward, gently press the tip of the nectar collector against the wax or oil. Then inhale and exhale. You’re all set—it’s as simple as that.

Note, however, that the performance of a nectar collector still varies. If you want a highly functioning nectar collector, then you will want to choose a quality piece. Others offer a dab kit bundle or a dab kit with torch for a more convenient dabbing experience.

Nectar Collector: A Greater Dabbing Experience

As we have shown you, nectar collectors offer a simple, fun, and convenient dabbing experience. They are portable enough so you can easily pack them for traveling. Because some parts are removable, you won’t have difficulty cleaning them. Using a nectar collector is also super simple. So, if you want a unique alternative for dabbing, try a nectar collector!

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