5 Tools To Give Anxiety The Death Punch

Posted by Emma Way on Mar 29th 2021

5 Tools To Give Anxiety The Death Punch

Anxiety rears its ugly head way too often, particularly these days. Nobody likes going from happy-go-lucky to fighting off anxiety because life throws some unexpected problem your way. Luckily, we’ve got five awesome ways to take a bad mood and send it packing.

No matter where you are on the scale of slightly grumpy to ready to have a full-blown panic attack, there’s an answer for every level. Whether you are feeling irritable, heading into a full-blown panic attack, or somewhere in between, our chart tells you exactly what you need.

Feeling Irritable? Grab a One Hitter

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Today I had every intention of getting up super early and having a productive day. I went to bed early and set my alarm for 5:30 a.m. Apparently, my phone cable wasn’t plugged all the way into the wall and my battery died overnight.

I woke up late and irritated. I could’ve let this crappy start ruin my day, but I couldn’t afford to do that. I grabbed my glass one hitter and took a small pull from it. Instantly I went from irritated to back on track. That’s the great thing about keeping a glass one hitter chillum nearby. It’s the perfect weapon for putting an end to the first sign of a bad mood.

If you haven’t checked out the variety of unique chillums, do yourself a favor. My pink chillum is my favorite. It’s always within reach and keeps me focused on accomplishing my goals.

Feeling Slightly Anxious? Time For a Glass Pipe

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I had a list of things to accomplish yesterday and knew I could do them all. Then my boss dumped a complicated new project in my lap with an impossible deadline. I got that feeling of anxiety wanting to creep in and seize control of my brain. I packed my purple glass pipe and said bye-bye to that anxiety.

I find I can cure a low-grade feeling of anxiety with a really great triple-blown glass pipe. I don’t want to spend a lot of money on materials, but I know where to get cheap glass pipes that are inexpensive in price only. Their quality is sky-high.

If you find yourself idling at a slightly anxious pace most days, check out what a steamroller pipe full of greens can do to reset your mood.

Experiencing Moderate Anxiety? Time To Roll With It

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I’ve gotten pretty good at dealing with pandemic anxiety, but some days it gets a stranglehold on me. I take care of my health, but my grandma keeps forwarding me the latest scary articles about health care and stats that just elevate my heart rate.

When I need to ward off moderate anxiety before it derails my entire day, I remember that school lesson about how when you’re in trouble, you’re supposed to ‘stop, drop, and roll’. Only I adapted the rolling part for my grown-up self.

When moderate anxiety has me in its clutches, I get out my awesome $100 bill rolling papers. I carve out a chunk of time, kick back in a comfy seat, and let the soothing effects of a joint calm me down. In with the good air, out with the anxious kind.

If you aren’t sure how to roll hemp wraps, it’s really simple. Having this skill set down will help you when you need a quick fix to kick anxiety where it hurts.

Major Anxiety Wants a Piece of You? Time To Break Out the Bong

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I came home from the grocery store to find a porch thief took my Amazon package, the cat barfed on the sofa, and my boyfriend said we ‘need to talk’. Major anxiety wrapped its arms around me and squeezed hard.

I hate when life is unfair and throws so much at you at once. I locked myself in my bedroom and pulled out my favorite bubbler bong. My five inch bong is the cutest little thing but don’t let its size fool you. A few pulls from this bad boy and I don’t even know the meaning of the word anxiety anymore.

Before I knew it, I was back in a good mood and ready to handle anything. If you want to give your major anxiety its walking papers, check out mini bongs for sale. They don’t have to be expensive. Quality bongs under $50 are easy to find. They get between you and major anxiety and kickbox it to the curb.

Does a Panic Attack Feel Imminent? - A Dab Will Do You

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Panic attacks suck. If you’ve ever had one, you know what I’m saying. A few weeks ago, I realized I messed up balancing my bank account and had way less money than I thought. I felt the panic attack rearing up on its hind legs to attack.

Thankfully, I know when that moment hits, a dab smoking kit is my BFF. Its extremely powerful concentrate delivers immediate walking papers to a panic attack that’s about to happen. Investing in a dab rig kit bundle will give you an outrageous way to give the death punch to anxiety attacks.

I mastered the art of how to be a nectar collector and it hasn’t failed me yet. A dab is the Jedi force against whatever has me ready to bounce off the walls with anxiety. When in doubt, use the force.