How To Roll a Hemp Wrap

Posted by Brian W on Jul 13th 2021

How To Roll a Hemp Wrap

There are a few things that are more beautiful than a perfectly rolled hemp wrap packed with flavorful, high-quality organic hemp flowers. Scratch that - let’s rephrase. Everything is more beautiful when you have a perfectly rolled natural hemp blunt. That’s much better. Rolling that perfect hemp wrap is a skill that not everyone has, but it’s something anyone can learn.

You don’t want to be the only one out of your friends who doesn’t know how to roll a hemp wrap. But don’t worry. You can use this step-by-step guide and take your first step towards becoming a CBD flower rolling master.

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What Are Hemp Wraps?

Hemp wraps are as simple as hemp leaves that have been dried and pressed. That means that hemp wraps are 100% natural, non-addictive, and have a cleaner taste than other rolling papers.  Twisted Hemp CBD wraps are a great natural choice because they are GMO-free and don’t have any of the tobacco or nicotine that blunt papers usually contain.

Hemp wraps provide an alternative to papers meant for rolling tobacco blunts. Without the additives, a hemp wrap lets the natural flavor of the hemp flower come through, letting you enjoy the taste as it's meant to be enjoyed.

Hemp vs Blunt Wraps

You’ve probably heard about regular rolling papers, but  what makes hemp wraps the better choice?

Most hemp wraps are single source and organic. They aren’t laced with nicotine and most lack adhesives that can be found in other wraps. This means that hemp wraps can be a healthier alternative to other blunt wraps.

Hemp wraps are usually heavier and provide a slower burn than regular papers. They can also be easier to use because the heavier paper is easier to roll.

Because hemp wraps are natural dried leaves, they can go bad if they aren’t stored correctly. The good news is that it is easy to store hemp wraps. Any airtight container like a ziplock bag, mason jar, or Tupperware will keep the hemp wrap fresh.

How to Roll a Hemp Wrap

Practice makes perfect, but it isn't difficult to learn how to roll hemp wraps. Be patient, take your time, and don't give up; soon, you'll be rolling hemp wraps like a pro.


A master painter always makes sure their tools are ready to paint. The most important step in learning to roll is making sure that everything is ready. Make sure you have all your equipment set up - grinder, wrap, hemp flower, and a poker tool. Fumbling around looking for a grinder or hemp wrap mid-roll will make it harder to produce a beautiful hemp wrap.

Grind your CBD flower and place it on the paper

Lay out your paper and then grind your hemp flower as normal. Placing the CBD flower on the hemp leaf is the first tricky step. You want a good pack but don’t try to put in too much hemp flower for how much paper you have to avoid spillage. Save yourself some trouble later and shape the CBD flower into a rectangle on the hemp leaf now.

Line up your paper filter tip

Your filter tip stops any hemp flower from going into your mouth. Not everyone uses a filter tip, but it’s a good idea and can be purchased at any smoke shop. You can also DIY a filter tip out of cardstock.

Place the filter along with one of the long sides of the paper.

Tuck, lick, and roll

Now you’re ready to rock and roll. Use your thumbs and index fingers to start to pack the hemp wrap while you fold the leaf. You want a good pack to make the most of the hemp flower blunt, so don’t be afraid to press the CBD flower in tight.

The wrap will start to bend naturally. Fold one side and tuck it in. Make sure that your wrap stays tight as you shape it. As you roll the hemp leaf in your fingers, lightly wet the very edge of the paper with your tongue. Don’t soak it, just make it a little damp. Then press the damp edge down to seal the hemp wrap.

This is the trickiest step and it will take some practice to get it perfect. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get it right the first time that you try.

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Tie the end and enjoy your hemp wrap

With the hemp wrap rolled now, you just have to tie the end and admire your work. Be proud of your work, knowing you get to reap the benefits. Now you’re ready to light up and enjoy your hemp blunt.